• The Forgotten Seeds Look Within

    Corliss Blakely

  • My Story

    My love of nature and painting started when I was growing up on a Farm in Fairfax Vermont.

    My mother was an artist and she in courage me to draw and paint what was around me. In the early summer I would climb our cherry tree and remember the wonderful experience I had. Our farm had every fruit tree you could imagine, apples of all varieties, pears and plums. The edge of the woods were lined with all kinds of berries, black raspberries were my favorite. We also had a huge garden that I would help my mother tend.

    The first paintings in this series were memories from my childhood.


    Then later in life I started traveling to Nicaragua which opened my eyes to fruits I had never seen in the wild. For the pass twenty years I’ve been going to an island in the middle of lake Nicaragua named Ometepe.

    It was there that I discovered the beauty of the insides of the tropical fruits. I would walk up the volcano Madaras and pick mangos, star fruit, avocados, papayas, cherimoya and cherries. While I was on the island I spend lots of time drawing the insides of the fruits to capture the beauty within.


    I hope you enjoy the paintings that I’ve created.

    Perhaps it will help you discover the beauty right in front of your eyes.

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  • About Me

    Established artist and seventh generation Vermonter, Corliss Blakely painted still lifes and Vermont landscapes in a classically realist style until last year.
    Now, she is also creating a new series in oils, "The Forgotten Seeds: Look Within."
    Corliss received her formal art training in Boston where she studied at the Vesper George Art School and took classes at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Corliss is internationally recognized for her work in several mediums, including watercolor, oil, and egg tempera. Her paintings hang in collections worldwide.


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    Oil Paintings

    Traditional oils of Vermont landscapes and selection of flowers.


    Watercolors by Corliss Blakely
    Matted with 8 ply 100% rag mat and framed in a thin black wood frame

    Nature Scarves

    Hand Painted Silk Nature Scarves
    by Corliss Blakely

    Surround yourself with the soft touch of silk and nature

    Each scarf is hand signed by Corliss

    IPad Paintings

    The iPad and iPhone are the new canvas for artist.

    I've spent years in my studio painting oils. As an oil painter, I work in a classical tradition style of glazing layers, which takes days for a painting to dry.
    With the iPhone and iPad the painting comes to life before my eyes.
    It's all magical to me.

    You will love painting on the iPad.

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    Corliss Blakely

    252 S Main St.

    Saint Albans, VT 05478

    802 782 9550


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